St. Pat's Christmas Special Take 3

In celebration of the Christmas spirit, Meaningful Summers hosted its yearly musical performance at St. Patrick's Residence in Naperville. The event was held on December, 22nd 2015. Arjun and Nikita both played tunes on their Violins, while Rohan played a song on his Viola. Shreya, Nivedita, and two of their friends all sang an assortment of Christmas Carols. The event was a great success, and it was enjoyed by all. We can't wait to perform again next holiday season.

2015 Event: Blood Brother Documentary Screening

For 2015, Meaningful Summers hosted a film screening featuring the documentary Blood Brother.

The award winning documentary is about a young Pittsburgh native, Rocky Braat, who on his trip to India stumbled upon this orphanage. Moved by the courage that the kids from the orphanage exhibited against such adversity, Rocky took the decision to devote his life to these kids. The event was a great success. Over 160 people attended the screening and helped Meaningful Summers raise over $2000 for the orphanage. The Meaningful Summers team is very grateful to the sponsors of the event: Cuisine of India, Whole Foods, IDA solutions, and Best Brains.

St. Pat's Home Take 2

On Sunday, December 21st, Meaningful Summers hosted an event a the St. Patrick's Residence. We had a great group of musicians! With Nikita on her violin, Saloni on her Cello, Arjun on his Viola, and Sathya, Jeremy, and I all on our Saxophones. We had a great time playing at St. Pat's and were rewarded by the joyful faces of the residents. We can't wait to come back next year! 

2014 Event

In 2014, Meaningful summers hosted a run in Springbrook prairie to raise money for Charity: Water. An initiative supporting the underdeveloped, rural communities in Africa. The run went beautifully and by the end of the campaign Meaningful Summers was able to raise over $600 to support the charity. Thanks go to all of the participants and their parents.

St. Patrick's Nursing Home

On December 22, 2013, Meaningful Summers organized an event at the St. Patrick's Nursing Home in Naperville, IL. We were able to bring smiles to the faces of residents by playing Christmas music on our instruments. The residents really enjoyed listening to us play and enthusiastically joined in by singing along. Many of them asked for an encore performance. Thanks go out to Anchit (Cello), Nikita (Violin), Saloni (Cello), and Arjun (Oboe) for their participation in this event.   

2013 Event

In 2013 Meaningful Summers organized an event for the Northern Illinois Food Bank. The participants ran a mile in the western side of the Springbrook Prairie (Naperville, IL). The money we raised helped the BackPack Program give hungry children food across 130 schools in 13 counties. Below is a short video explaining the purpose of the food bank and who benefits from their program.